Our school breeds good citizenship and builds the learners to be remarkable citizen in the community. Our school celebrates many local and national festivals along with participating in international and national level events like.,

Christmas celebration:

On 23rd  of December, our school celebrated Christmas eve. To set a perfect example for secularism, we celebrated all the festivals in our school. The celebration had taken place at Bharathiyar stage in the school campus. Christmas crib was placed. Christmas tree  was decorated with lamps and toys and flowers in the ground floor. The stage was decorated with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year tags together. It means double enjoyment for us.

The Principal and the whole staff members have attended the celebration, which was began with tradition and prolonged. Our principal greeted us with his wonderful quotes for the upcoming New Year. We had cultural after the address of the principal and exchanged our gifts among ourselves.

Traditional day

Traditional day celebration/Pongal is also celebrated as a thanksgiving festival by Tamilians. Thriveni too had celebrated this memorable festival  in sector wise at our school campus. Members of the school community organized various types of activities during pongal celebration at school. The celebration started  with Pogi,Lakshmi pooja followed by colourful presentations of cultural programs by teachers. It includes traditional dance, debate, rangoli, poem recitation, villupattu Pongal preparations and songs. Thereafter traditional games were conducted and the winners were awarded.

Sports day

Thriveni academy had opened up its annual sports meet on …. Which was in two levels.

All the students were very much excited to participate in different events and enjoyed extremely beyond their studies. All the students have taken part in all the games and events. The students were already segregated into different houses and groups to be part in different sports. The winners of the events were awarded by the chief guest, principal, co-coordinators, Head of the departments and other dignitaries.

Annual day

Our school had Annual day celebration in two levels, first level is for grade 3 to 11 and the second level is for grade KG to 2. In order to make the day successful, lot of preparations were made by the students and teachers.

The successful academic learners were awarded by the chief guest Mr……..It was a matter of great pride for us. Therefore the school building was decorated like a bride. The parents of the students and other respected people of the city were invited to grace the occasion.

Spell Bee:

The spell bee completion was conducted for grade1 to grade 8 to give students a platform to learn spellings in different ways, enrich their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop the use of concept English. Each grade was divided into different groups and organized.

National science day

National science day was celebrated at our school to promote the science knowledge of the learners in our school. Completion were held in different levels ,learner exhibited their project work at school. Learners of our participated in an inter school science competition and brought glory to our school.

Muthamizh Mandram:

Muthamizh Mandram/Tamil club encourages the learners exhibit their interest in our mother tongue. Meaningful quotes, wishes and Thirukkural videos by the learners are being sent to other learners every day. The club organized different competitions like, Tamil quiz, poem  recitation, art etc. The prize winners were awarded certificates


Along with these we encourage students to celebrate Father’s day, Mother’s day &Grandparents’ in order to ascend the bonding; also they can pay respect to the senior citizens in the community. Our school has preferential access to smart technology in day today life.