Our Staff


A dedicated team of faculties are the backbone of THRIVENI ACADEMY. Our faculties sharpness and excellence in teaching makes THRIVENI ACADEMY to meet the challenges in the educational society. All the faculty members are encouraged and motivated to update their skills, teaching methodology and training has been given to use SMART board to make the hi-fi classroom.

To make THRIVENI ACADEMY a potentially equipped institution the faculty members were lead by primary, secondary and senior secondary coordinators. The coordinators take responsibilities of the school and handling the teachers in a peaceful manner to finish the regular tasks.

School Faculty Members
1 Mr.M.P.Anand M.Sc., B.Ed.,DCA., Principal
2 Mr.M.Balasubramanian M.Sc., M.phil., Secondary coordinator
3 Ms.S.Shakila B.Lit., B.Ed., D.T.Ed., Upper Primary coordinator
4 Mrs.P.M.Kasthuri B.A., Lower Primary coordinator
5 Mrs.A.Sakunthala B.Lit., B.Ed., KG Coordinator
  Department of English  
6 Ms.K.Manjuparkavi MA., B.Ed., Head of the Department(English)
7 Mr.P.Ravichandran M.A.,B.Ed., D.T.Ed., TGT
8 Mrs.M.Banupriya B.Sc.,B.Ed., TGT
9 Mrs.R.Shyamala B.A., PRT
10 Mrs.K.Divya, B.A.,B.Ed., PRT
11 Ms.C.Yogalakshmi, B.A.,B.Ed.,D.T.Ed., PRT
12 Mr.S.Kumaresan,B.A.,B.Ed., PRT
13 Mrs.G.Parameswari, M.A.,D.T.Ed., PRT
  Department of Tamil  
14 Mrs.P.Thenmozhi M.A., B.Ed.,   Head of the Department (Tamil)
15 Mr.E.Stephan, M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., PGT
16 Mrs.S.Deepa B.Lit., B.Ed., T.T.C.,    TGT 
17 Ms.M.Amulu D.T.Ed., B.A.,  PRT
18 Mrs.Akila,M.A.,B.Ed., PRT
19 Mrs.M.Arthi B.Lit., D.T.Ed., PRT
20 Mrs.S.Vimala B.Lit.,B.Ed., D.T.Ed., PRT
21 Ms.T.Lavanya D.El.Ed.,     PRT
  Department of Hindi  
22 Mrs.P.Shanthi M.A., Head of the Department (Hindi)
23 Mr.Manikantha Rao,M.A.,B.Ed., PRT
24 Mrs.C.P.Mythrayee B.B.A., H.P.T., M.A.,  PRT
25 Ms.P.Valarmathi B.A.,   PRT
  Department of Maths  
26 Mr.J.Kirubanithi M.Sc., M.Ed., Head of the Department (Maths)
27 Mr.N.Murali M.Sc., B.Ed., D.T.Ed., PGT
28 Mr.K.Dheena Dhayalan M.Sc.,B.Ed, D.T.Ed.,DCA TGT
29 Mrs.G.Hemalatha M.Com., D.T.Ed., B.Ed.,  PRT
30 Mrs.S.Bhavani M.Sc., B.Ed., PRT
31 Mrs.R.Kalaiselvi M.Sc., B.Ed., PRT
32 Mrs.I.Bhavani, M.Sc.,B.Ed., PRT
33 Mr.V.Yoganathan, B.Sc.,B.Ed., PRT
34 Mrs.D.Gayathri, B.Sc.,B.Ed., PRT
35 Mrs.B.ZUbetha Banu, B.Sc., PRT
  Department of Science  
36 Mrs.V.Sathya Subadra Devi M.Sc., B.Ed., Head of the Department (Science)
37 Mrs.T.Angel Mary, M.Sc.,M.Phil., PG Asst.
38 Mrs.A.Sharmila Devi M.Sc., B.Ed.,  TGT
39 Mrs.Shalini, M.Sc.,B.Ed., PRT
40 Ms.G.M.Kalaiyarasi, M.Sc.,M.A., PRT
41 Ms.K.Jovitha, B.Sc., PRT
  Department of Social Science  
42 Mr.J.R.Mani M.Sc.,M.Ed.,H.P.Ed.,  Head of the Department (SSC)
43 Mr.B.Pushpalingam, M.A.,M.Phil.,D.T.Ed.,B.Ed., TGT
44 Mrs.P.Arokia Antony Mary M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,  PGT  
  Department of IT  
45 Ms.K.Hemavathi M.Sc., Head of the Department (IT)
46 Mrs.C.Ananthi M.Sc., B.Ed., PGT
47 Mrs.A.Pasumathi B.Com., MBA.,  PRT
  Department of Physical Education  
48 Mr.Viji, M.P.Ed., Head of the Department (Phy. Edu.)
49 Mr.Vinoth, M.P.Ed., PET
50 Mrs.C.K.Jeeshma, B.A.,B.P.Ed., PET
51 Mr.E.Stephen D.P.Ed., PET
52 Mr.N.Dinesh, B.Sc.,D(License)  
  Department of Accounts & commerce  
53 Mrs.Sudha M.A., M.Ed., PGT
54 Mr.M.Abdul Gani, M.Com.,B.Ed., PGT
55 Mr.B.Vijay Raj, M.A.,M.B.A., PG Asst.
  Department of Kindergarten  
56 Mrs.S.Nagalakshmi B.Sc.,B.Ed., KGT
57 Mrs.C.Maryasofia Rani Montessori., KGT
58 Mrs.R.Nagarani BA.,Montessori., KGT
59 Ms.E.Suganya BA., D.T.Ed., KGT
60 Mrs.J.Saraswathi, D.T.Ed., KGT
61 Ms.G.Sobana BA.,B.Ed., KG Asst
62 Ms.K.Vanasundari B.Com., D.Ted KG Asst
63 Mrs.A.Tamilkani D.T.Ed., KGT
64 Mrs.C.K.Rajalakshmi, B.Com.,Motessori., KGT
65 Mrs.A.Ramani,B.Sc.,B.Ed., Art & Craft
66 Mrs.B.S.Kumari Prabha BSC, D/civil- ITI Librarian
67 Mr.R.Balamurali,DCOE   Lab Asst
68 Mr.R.Sudhakar B.Com., Admin Asst.
69 Mrs.M.Lakshmi B.Com.,M.B.A., Account Asst.
70 Mrs.C.S.Lakshmi MA., Receptionist
71 Mrs.Pavnu Housekeeping
72 Mrs.Renuka& Housekeeping
73 Mrs.Minnaladevi Housekeeping
74 Mrs.Mari   Housekeeping
75 Mrs.Saroja Housekeeping
76 Mrs.Rani   Housekeeping
77 Mrs.Sarathammal Housekeeping
78 Mrs.Ranjitham    Housekeeping
79 Mrs.ChinnaKolanthai    Housekeeping
80 Mrs.Jamuna S     Housekeeping
81 Mrs.Shanthi A     Housekeeping
82 Mrs.Yasoda R     Housekeeping
83 Mrs.Kalpana R    Housekeeping
84 Mrs.Banumathi D Housekeeping
85 Mrs.Malar Housekeeping
86 Mrs.Suthalakshmi Housekeeping
87 Mr.Sathish Plumber
88 Mr.Murugan Electrician
89 Mr.Andavan T  Security
90 Mr.Mahendran V.S Security
91 Mr.Murugan T. Security
92 Mr.Sathish Security
93 Mr.Manikandan Superviser