THRIVENI ACADEMY School provides to the children excellent infrastructure along with campus facilities to tap their potential in Academics, Sports, Art, Music, and Drama. The IT Department has well equipped Computer Laboratory. All Classrooms are well lit, airy and comfortable to give the child a home away from home.

Classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards that facilitate the teacher, to make the Teaching-Learning process a progressive one wherein teachers use technology to add colour, sound and latest information to bring alive their lessons.

The Science section boasts of three laboratories:

  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory

Extra Curricular activities like Dance, Dramatics, Music, Quiz are held in two well equipped Assembly Halls.

One Library with the latest books to fulfill the children's hunger for reading are equipped with the latest books / Encyclopedias / Periodicals / Newspapers / Reference Materials.

Co-Curricular Activities & Special Features in Thriveni Academy

Computer Education

The Future Kids Program aims at making students use the computer both as a productive tool as a means of creativity and self-expression. The curriculum encompasses technological skills based on themes that are current and meaningful. The program helps children build a solid foundation of fundamental learning skills and prepares them for the fast changing technology of today with a futuristic perspective.

Work Experience

The essential area covers community service and campus cleanliness. The elective area offers a wide range of activities to cater to the creativity of the students and to enable them to appreciate the dignity of labour. Computer literacy, which is offered from standard one, is part of the Elective Area in Work Experience.

Quadrennial Project

Project work is an integral part of the school curriculum. The educational project, which is thematic, and a unique feature of the school and promotes comprehensive learning.

Environmental Science

Evs is the main focus of the primary Science and Social Science syllabi. Project work & demonstrations make it interesting.

Maths Lab

"Learning by Doing" forms the basis for all activities in the lab. Teaching aids and technology assisted learning help the students understand difficult concepts with ease and ensure concept stabilization.

English Lab

With the use of innovative and creative materials children acquire language skills at their own pace. Technology assisted and activity based training motivates students to learn without any stress and develop confidence. It also promotes integration of linguistic skills.

Social Science Lab

Provides a challenging atmosphere to transcend the confines of the classrooms while mastering the nuances of Geography and linking History with the past and the present. Term Reports & Lab work promote effective learning.

Enrichment and Talent Programmes are geared towards enhancing the potentially gifted children in the key areas of Creative Writing, Science and Mathematics.


A significant component of work experience classes helps develop futuristic thinking.

Lateral Thinking

Nurtures creativity and paves the way for strengthening problem solving techniques. The inventive faculty coupled with divergent thinking makes children visionaries.


Provides adolescents the much-desired insight into their personality and the people around them while moulding them into optimistic social beings in the true sense of the term.

Field Trips

Field trips are conducted as an extensive learning experience based on the curriculum. It effectively supplements class room learning.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is a feature offering varied activities. It serves as a stage for students to display their talents and to promote those aspiring to complete at higher level.

Cultural Academy

The cultural Academy classes develop aesthetic sense and help tap the innate talents of children. Qualified staff manages these classes. The children are grouped according to their level of skill and ability to facilitate individual attention. The following classes offer opportunities to children to explore new areas and develop their interests.


The sessions help promote physical fitness and develop composure and concentration.

Smart Classes

It helps the students to study their subject's content in audio visual way. It progress the students to score good marks and make them to concentrate in subject knowledge improvement